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Four week old plover chick killed by an off-leash dog


 The plover chick before being mauled to death by an off-leash dog.

 As some of you may have heard the 4 week old Point King chick was killed      by  an off-leash dog on Sunday afternoon. The incident was witnessed by the son of a local volunteer who had been checking the family. They are really upset. The chick was only days from flying and would have been the first chick to fledge in Victoria this year. We had put up “chicks on the beach” signs and this happened only metres from signs which makes this all the sadder (and infuriating).

 For the full story click here


The table below shows why it is important to ban dogs from the Mornington Peninsula National Park

Below are the results of Hooded Plover breeding failure over the last 6 years in the Mornington Peninsula National Park.

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  1. We like dogs, but owners who don’t keep their dogs appropriately leashed and who don’t clean up after them are nuisances… and, as this incident illustrates, sometimes worse.

    December 22, 2012

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