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Rosebud Foreshore Aquatic Centre

At its Council meeting on 16 November 2011 the MPSC voted 6 to 5 to go ahead with the proposal to put the Rosebud Aquatic Centre on crown land on the Rosebud Foreshore. Over the past two years a proposed Rosebud Aquatic Centre has been discussed.

The NCG is not against the development of a pool in Rosebud. It is our contention that the MPSC has not assessed ALL possible sites for an aquatic centre. Of major concern is the “process” and decisionmaking principles in relation to the proposed Rosebud Aquatic Centre. The principle at stake here is commercial developments/ ventures on the coastal foreshore. A dangerous precedent of using public foreshore land for semi commercial purposes is involved. The impact on the coastal foreshore would be detrimental to the values of place. The preciousness of the coast to the  Mornington and Nepean peninsulas cannot be overstated. The two coasts – Port Phillip bayside and Bass Strait ocean side – are integral to its natural and cultural heritage, to its unique sense of place and to its identity. Such a development on the foreshore would have a significant adverse impact on the associated values of this place.

At the end of February 2012, the Environment Minister Ryan Smith granted his consent for the project.

The letter from the minister can be viewed here: Southern Peninsula Aquatic Centre – Ministerial Approval Letter

A Special Council Meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, 19 March, 2012.  This meeting will take place at the Municipal Offices, Queen Street, Mornington.  The item to be considered will be: Southern Peninsula Aquatic Facility Development Application Process.  If you have any queries regarding this meeting, please contact Mr. Mark Howells of the Governance Unit on 5950 1422.   Public Notice

Rosebud Foreshore, Image courtesy ‘Nearmap’


Respecting our coastal environment

Recently vandalism and disrespectful behaviour has been noted at Diamond Bay and at Bridgewater Bay. Several trees were destroyed in the Diamond Bay carpark and a mature Casuarina ring
barked. A fire had been lit and the area was strewn with cans, glass, plastic bottles and much other rubbish. Several of the Friends of Diamond Bay Group’s tree plantings were also damaged.
At Bridgewater Bay a fire was left burning on the beach – the fuel consisted of a number of treated pine fence posts felled from the PV infrastructure. A great deal of rubbish, remnants of the night’s beach picnic, were cleaned up by local volunteers.

The locals and most visitors in general would find this sort of behaviour quite distressing. The Friends Groups and volunteers have done a considerable amount of work in the car parks and sand dunes over many years are particularly affected. Parks Victoria Rangers have been very supportive in helping with removal of such dumped rubbish. Destruction and desecration of this beautiful fragile
coastal environment, thoughtless dumping of rubbish and graffiti etc., attracts more of the same if it is not dealt with promptly. We encourage all our NCG members, their families, friends and  neighbours to be vigilant, especially over these coming busy holiday months, and report any wilful damage to our environment to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (ph.1300 850600), Parks
Victoria (ph.131963) or the Police.

We must be ever mindful of the need to keep our natural and built environment in a state we are proud of, so that all who come will respect it, appreciate it and leave it for the enjoyment of others.